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  • What Makes Us Unique

    I don’t design by percentage or hourly fees. By eliminating this, CREATIVITY rules the game.

    Building a positive design relationship assures your success and happy results.

    We don’t do hourly fees. The ticking clock adds pressure and can cause compromise to your results. There are no percentages or timelines added once you and I settle on cost of my services. This works when we stick with the original scope of work you have in mind and reasonably stay with the square feet ranges we have settled on. I’m happy to negotiate adjustments if we see new major options you want to have designed.

    My fees are based on the Square Feet of your project along with considerations for the complexity of the site, and your punch list. This saves you stress. Once we have discussed what you have in mind, we, together, go over my Square Foot Rate Chart and lock in the agreed amount to bring your plans to finish. You pay the engineers separately.

    We can, also, help you to determine preliminary budget constraints and requirements. This, along with your wish lists magazine clippings, gives us the tools to create your concepts. We do 3D concept views for most jobs included in our fee.

    All concept revisions are included! You will evaluate the concepts and “redline” them as many times as necessary to get the finalized concept of your dreams.

    We can take your calls almost every hour of the waking day and invite your calls to develop your concepts effectively. (Sure, we prefer 8 to 5 contacts like everyone else, but you, our Client, deserve the best!)

    Once the design process or your ‘Design Concept’ is done and your Construction Plans are ready, we can connect you with firms to get your permit, or you can go for it on your own, if you wish.