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    Frequently Asked Questions for UBuildIt UBI**876P2:

    How much can I save using UBuildIt?

    Many of our customers have saved between 15% – 30% of what a general contractor would charge. By managing your own project with HomeStyling Design and UBuildIt you avoid builder markups while you maintain control.

    General contractors typically need to include their overhead, taxes, supervision, contingencies, material and subcontractor markups in their cost structure. Then, they add their profit percentage.

    Do I really have time to manage my own building project?

    It takes an average of 6 to 8 hours per week to be your own Administrator of your project, and much less than that if you choose Construction Management services. (For more about time savings with Construction Management, click on Home and Our Consulting Process.)

    Many of our customers are busy professionals and families with demanding lives. They are able to manage the construction, and enjoy it. Building a home or remodeling is a real time commitment whether you use a general contractor or manage your own project. Your experienced construction consultant will help you make the most effective use of your time by guiding you step by step through the building process from design to move-in.

    And, best of all, you don’t have to pick up a hammer to get your job done!

    Are subcontractors willing to work with owner-builders?

    Subcontractors recommended by UBuildIt will gladly work for you because of our professional guidance and repeat business! We have an extensive list of subcontractors who look at you, our customer, as they would general contractors and bid to us accordingly.

    They, also, know you pay them more promptly on completion than contractors do and appreciate having positive cash flow by working for UBuildIt Clients.

    How do you qualify your subcontractors and vendors?

    Your UBuildIt consultant knows the quality of their work and track records. All the subcontractors we recommend are licensed, bonded and insured. We keep track of that. And, you are under no obligation to hire the recommended subcontractors. You can hire another subcontractor or do the work yourself. The decision is yours.

    Our Vendors give us builder prices on materials and we pass those on to you directly:  No builder mark-up, ever! We understand quality products and suppliers and guide you, and the decisions are yours.

    How does the bidding process work?

    You and your UBuildIt Consultant will do the Specifications together. We, then, solicit all of the bids for you. We send the Specs and a copy of the plans you provide to the trades, collect and tabulate all of the bids. You will review the detailed Cost Review Summary when we meet and examine your Cost Review. The original Specs and bids will be included in your Construction Stage of your UBuildIt job process.

    Remember, you are not obligated to use any of the subs or vendors, but we can assure you of their positive track record and competitive quotes.

    How do you determine your fees for HomeStyling Design and UBuildIt?

    All our fees are determined up front by the size and complexity of your project as well as how much help our clients need. We base this on the Square Feet of your construction project. It is a fair, fixed fee negotiated on the services we provide. (And, by the way, no sales tax is charged for our consulting services—another great savings for you!)

    What do I get for your UBuildIt consulting fee?

    You get five valuable services:

    1. Professional guidance and connections to our network of professionals to help in the planning, permitting, and construction.
    2. We handle the entire bidding process for you.
    3. Access to our preferred suppliers and subcontractors for their discounted prices and reliable customer service.
    4. The expert advice from years of field construction experience and continual contact with your consultant.
    5. And, most importantly, many on-site visits during the entire construction project.