Tips For When Planning Your Dream Bathroom

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Tips For When Planning Your Dream Bathroom

Are you finally ready to transform that old, outdated guest or master bathroom into your dream space? Along with the kitchen, this is one of the rooms in your home that can have the most significant impact after a remodel — both on your enjoyment and the monetary value of the house. Below are some bathroom remodel tips to keep in mind as you forge ahead.

1. Find a balance of functionality and style.

As you design your dream bathroom, you may get caught up in the aesthetics. While the appearance and style are very important, avoid investing in renovations that limit the functionality of the room. For example, some people like the look of having only a walk-in shower rather than a shower-tub combo, but this may limit their options when trying to sell, as families with small children may desire at least one tub in the house.

2. Think about how you use the space.

Consider your daily needs. For example, how many people need free access to the bathroom? What about the shower? Would it be helpful to isolate the toilet in a separate space so someone taking a long shower doesn’t keep others from using the restroom? Once you answer these questions, you can begin designing a bathroom that really fits your lifestyle and your needs.

3. Figure out where you can save in your budget.

Unless money is no issue, you’re going to want to save here and there once you start installing your new bathroom. Experts note that you shouldn’t cut back on essentials. Make sure to preserve or improve the functionality first and foremost and then save in other areas. For example, if you don’t want to pay to tile the whole shower, consider tiling just a single wall. This will offer a refreshed appearance for a reduced cost.

4. Add striking features.

Remember, the details make a huge difference. A few striking features can make the room stand out and change the whole ambience. For example, paying a little more for unique faucets and a waterfall shower head can make the entire room feel modern and inviting. Adding a chandelier over the tub instead of recessed lighting may give you the elegance you desire without significantly impacting the total price of the remodel. You don’t have to splurge entirely on extra features to make a huge difference.

Above all, the key lies in ample planning. The more thorough you and your designer are when ironing out the details, the closer your renovated space will be to your dream bathroom.