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    “The house concept is everything Dave and I had envisioned and the design was done by Ken at HomeStyling Design. HomeStyling Design and UBuildIt kept us on track so we were able to construct our new 3 story home complete with elevator in just 7 months from ground breaking. Keeping design and construction together allowed me to have complete control of every step while I was my own administrator of my project.”

    ~ Dave and Anne Duryee, Madison Park area, Seattle

    “We are indeed happy clients. Ken designed bumping
    out the wholeScreen Shot 2014-10-15 at 2.31.47 PM 2 stories of the back ofour house. We remodeled to an open concept Kitchen, got a much larger Master Suite, new laundry addition, and a large glass covered Patio. The subs and vendors UBuildIt connected us with were remarkably professional and great to work with while giving us contractor bids for everything. Saving thousands and getting what we wanted is what makes us happy.Thanks,Larry.”

    ~ Larry and Linda Benitez, Sammamish

    “We added a ‘green’ two-story addition with a 2 car garage below and an apartment above. Ken’s design revisions made everything tie together. With our new solar panels on our roof, our latest electric bill was only $14.18 for 377 kWh used in a month! That’s almost 1,000 kWh less than last year at the same time! We are also getting our Seattle City credit of $300 cash for the extra kWh we produced for the Grid. Thanks to UBuildIt, the meter keeps whizzing backwards, and it’s still exciting to watch.”

    ~ Belinda Klingman, Seattle

    “Just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you at HomeStyling Design and UBuildIt for being there throughout this whole process. We raised our little house up and put a new main floor with basement before setting our house back on top. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

    ~ Tisbury and James Ennis, Seattle

    “We only spent about 5-10 hours a week managing our project. The best part was watching it all come together with quality subs. It was a very rewarding experience. We would have never been able to afford our ‘palace’ without having managed the project ourselves. We love knowing how it was all put together. We learned a lot and may build with HomeStyling Design and UBuildIt something else the future!”

    ~ Scott and Beth Burke, Lake Forest Park

    Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 2.37.59 PM“We chose HomeStyling Design to take the age off of the street appeal of our house and design a new Kitchen and Grand Entry. And, we chose UBuildIt because we wanted to keep the cost down, as well as have access to experienced and reliable sub-contractors and suppliers.

    We’d heard about their great reputation and knew that with their guidance it would give us the confidence to manage it ourselves. I was very impressed with how accurate the estimate was. They were so great at helping me track expenses, stay on schedule and answer all of my questions and concerns. The communication with my consultant was excellent! There was always someone to pick up immediately on the other line or call back right away. They have an experienced, cohesive team and everyone I worked with was very customer-centric and had a great attitude.”

    ~ Kristi and Jeff Oberlander, West Seattle

    “HomeStyling Design put US into our new Kitchen/Family Room Addition: From tiny to ‘entertainable’! Besides this, we got a large Covered Patio.

    We had some general contractors quote us much higher or the same price for much less space and lesser materials than UBuildIt could get for us. We paid only actual costs without markup for everything! We liked the idea of being in control of our design and our project, as well as making it match a schedule that fit our lives: the best part about using HomeStyling Design and UBuildIt!”

    ~ Kurt and Judy Loewen, Seattle

    “We think that our chemistry with them was vital to having successful projects. We chose HomeStyling Design and UBuildIt because we liked their philosophy of being a coach. We also liked the amount of construction experience they brought to the table. Not only did we add a partial additional third floor, but we completely remodeled the interior with two new kitchens, two new baths and an elevator connecting all levels. With their help, we were able to make our dreams a reality at much lower costs!”

    ~ John and Kathryn Reagh, West Seattle

    “The story after hiring UBuildIt: “We demolished half of our house and then added 1,700 sq.ft. Our upgrade included a Kitchen, Great Room, Master Suite and an Extended Deck. We did it at a fraction of the bids we got from contractors. We did all of this in less than 4 months without even picking up a hammer! This is far less time spent than any contractor had projected. We had full Control of the Process, the Budget, and the Quality. We averaged only 1 hour per day” doing administration of the project.

    We’re getting ready to start the major remodeling the other half of our house with UBuildIt.”

    ~ Robert and Julia Treves, Clyde Hill

    “For my desired ADU, I needed an experienced design firm and consultant to help get bids and ask questions I wouldn’t have thought of, and to make sure that I did things correctly. I’ve done several successful projects before, but I hadn’t done one this size adding a two story attached ADU. The team at HomeStyling Design and UBuildIt was very flexible with my aggressive timeline and referred quality sub-contractors. Their UBI Consultant was especially very helpful in reviewing my project and making recommendations at key junctures.”

    ~ Patrick Negron, Wallingford

    Allred e After “We had a tiny niche of a Kitchen with lots of unusual storage that divided the house in two.  With 5 kids and lots of their friends, I was trapped in the kitchen and no place for everybody. So, I asked Ken at HomeStyling Design to save my sanity. Between his creativity and the great cost savings we got with UBuildIt, you should see my “living” kitchen with seating for everyone.  We can all look out at the view, eat, and do homework on my new working island. It has a nice second sink.  I even have a walk in pantry. I’m thrilled and amazed every day with the results!”

    Chad and Randi  Allred, Normandy Park