Step by Step: Put YOURSELF into the HomeStyling Design Process

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Step by Step: Put YOURSELF into the HomeStyling Design Process

Your dream home is just a design away. At HomeStyling Design, we fit the home to you, rather than adjusting your lifestyle to a house. Our passion is to reflect YOU in your custom-designed remodel or home project. Don’t settle for anything less than an ideal living space—go custom to create the home you’ve always dreamed of. Now, back to the drawing board…

The HomeStyling Design process begins with you and your ideas. We take your initial thoughts and translate them to conceptual plans, 3Ds, and CAD drawings. Then, we suggest engineers you hire separately to team with us to complete your permit ready plans.

The idea development of your new lifestyle is categorized into three steps:

  1. Concept stage, we will draw your initial ideas into blueprints that can be adjusted and revised. The drawings are in scaled floor plans and 3D-perspecive so that you can visualize the living spaces as accurately as possible.
  2. Preliminary plan and evaluations stage. This is when you will receive the preliminary drawings to be evaluated and adjusted according to your preferences. Such edits could include street appeal, room design, roof lines, window location, etc. We take your revisions and apply them to the technical plans that include calculations and code requirements.
  3. Engineering and plot plan stage. You retain the engineer of your choice. We team with them on all questions pertaining to our plan.   They, then, give our blueprints the stamp of approval in regards to city/county permit requirements. The engineering stamp, along with the plot plan, completes the construction/permit-able plans you need for applying for the permits.

With permit in hand, you’re ready to build!

One of the many advantages of using HomeStyling Design services is that you won’t be charged by the hour, but based on the square feet of the project and level of complexity. By eliminating hourly fees and percentages, we let creativity and quality work guide the process rather than a ticking clock.

During the design development stage, we recommend using UBuildIt construction consulting to work with you for the actual building phase. By pairing our HomeStyling Design process with UBuildIt, you are assured to have the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Contact us today to get your home project ideas flowing!