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What We Do

At HomeStyling Design, we design and remodel custom homes at affordable prices. We work closely with you, our client, to bring your vision for your home to life. We love to create designs that allow you to visualize yourself and your family in your new space. And we always work within a realistic, controlled budget, so that you can complete your new build without worrying about escalating costs. Through our partner business, UBuildIt Seattle/Bellevue, we can even help you through the entire process of making your designs a reality, with significant savings compared to other firms.

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Our Process

The HomeStyling Design process focuses on your ideas, wants, and needs for your perfectly functioning dream home. We collect information about your vision for your new space during your initial consulting meetings and work with you to hammer out all the details and consider your budget. We have relationships with top engineers who will then implement that information into CAD drafting and engineering plans that meet city and county permit requirements. Your designs are developed in three easy steps:



We draw your basic ideas and concepts to scale. Our specialty is creating designs that look like you and your family. We can also do optional 3D perspective views to help you visualize your new space. During this process, you are able to review the concepts and request unlimited adjustments and revisions.


Preliminary Plan & Evaluations

Once the concept designs are agreed upon, you will get preliminary CAD drawings for your evaluation and adjustments. We will be able to review and revise the home style, street appeal, era, roof lines, window/door locations, and so on.


Engineering & Plot Plan

We can then make recommendations for engineers that will add the technical calculations and code requirements necessary for complete construction plans. You hire the engineer, and we can help you coordinate the process. If needed, you can provide us with a survey, and we will create a plot plan for permitting.

Why Choose HomeStyling Design?

  1. We Don’t Charge Hourly: By not charging hourly for design services, we relieve the pressure for our clients to finalize plans before they are ready to commit. We want to ensure you are happy with the design and your finished product. We work for a flat fee based on the square footage and complexity of your project, and you are allowed unlimited design revisions within the agreed upon project scope.
  2. We Will Work With Your Budget: We can help you determine a realistic preliminary budget, considering your constraints and requirements. We then base all of our work off of this budget, so that you can be confident that you won’t encounter inflated costs later on in the project.
  3. We Are Experienced and Attentive to Detail: Our goal is always for you to love your new space. You will have the opportunity to evaluate your design concepts and “redline” them as many times as necessary to get the finalized concept of your dreams. And with over 35 years of experience, we can help you refine your vision, make informed design decisions, and avoid costly mistakes.
  4. We Are Transparent and Responsive: We believe that design success is ensured through a positive client relationship. We can take your calls almost every hour of the waking day, and always invite your calls to develop your concepts effectively. (Sure, we prefer calls from 8 to 5 like everyone else, but our clients deserve the best!)
  5. We Can Help You With Next Steps: Once your design process is complete, and you have your construction plans in hand, we can connect you with our CAD drafter or a firm to get your permit, or you can take it on your own from there.

Collaboration With UBuildIt Seattle/Bellevue

The owners of HomeStyling Design also run a partner business called UBuildIt Seattle/Bellevue that provides construction consulting services. Through UBuildIt, we can offer you information, advice, and guidance throughout the entire construction process, all while you maintain complete control of your project. We also have great partnerships that can give you huge cost savings on construction labor and materials. If you choose to work with both HomeStyling Design and UBuildIt, our team can assist you throughout the entire process of your new build, from initial design concept all the way to move-in day.

Learn more about UBuildIt’s construction consulting services on the UBuildIt Seattle/Bellevue website.

Let’s get started building you into your new space.