Your Remodel and Renovation Survival Guide

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Your Remodel and Renovation Survival Guide

Remodels and renovations can leave you with the house of your dreams, but it’s no secret that the process requires a lot of work and places stress on the whole family. You’ll face many decisions as you update your home, but first and foremost, the most important thing to decide is whether your family will stay or go once the project is underway.

Deciding Whether to Stay or Go

While you’ll certainly save money by staying put and skipping the hotel or rental home for the duration of your renovation, living through a remodel can be a major stressor. Before you jump into living on site, consider a few of these key factors.

1. Focus

Considering the focus of your remodeling project, is it realistic to stay in your home? For example, a remodel that requires removing your roof does not make for a livable situation. The same goes if you don’t have free access to a bathroom during that time.

2. Cost

If you decide to work with a contractor at any point during the remodel, you may face additional charges if you’re staying in your home. Some contractors charge more if they must work around a family — and the added obstacle could prolong the project. Factor this into your budget, then weigh the financial pros and cons of each option.

3. Family

What family members will be impacted by the remodel? Factor in children, pets, and the whole gang. Construction noise and movement can disrupt daily life. For instance, children may become distracted when trying to complete homework after school or on weekends, and pets may bark, hide, or exhibit unusual behaviors brought on by stress. Small children and pets are especially at risk due to the potential hazards posed by tools and construction materials.

The Decision to Stay

If you’ve weighed the pros and cons and decided you’ll be able to live through the remodel, you’ll need to take some necessary steps to make life a bit easier in the interim. Here are a few aspects to consider before and during the renovation.

1. Dust prevention

Dust and rogue particles inevitably spread during construction. Be sure to regularly remove dust from the floor and from clothes when leaving and entering the house, so as to contain the spread. Also consider using zip doors to create a sealed work environment.

2. Temporary living

Keep in mind that you may lose access to certain areas in your home, including the kitchen. You should be prepared to plan around this and have a backup ready to go. For example, you can create a temporary kitchen beforehand and move the necessary goods to that space when the time comes.

3. Make a haven

You will likely be spending a lot of time in a small and secluded area of the house, so make sure it’s a comfortable place to hang out. Decorate and fill these rooms ahead of time so they act as an oasis in the middle of the chaos.

When living through a remodel, you’ll need the best possible support to help you achieve beautiful results on an efficient timeline. UBuildIt offers the construction consulting and assistance you desire, while HomeStyling Design will create your perfect look and layout vision. With the right resources and careful planning, living through a remodel doesn’t need to be painful!