Remodel Inspiration Ideas

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Remodel Inspiration Ideas

Everyone’s had a little fun imagining their dream home—even kids do it. And though few of us end up in a house with an aquarium floor or a disco ball basketball court, there are a lot of grown-up ways you can add imagination and playfulness back into your home design. Reimagine the possibilities for your space with a few of these ideas.

A Floor and So Much More

Most floors don’t do much “work” for the home design, which can be fine—a comfortable home needs plenty of open floor space. But you can make the most of that floor area with a few remodeling tricks.

We love the idea of installing a false raised floor with usable room underneath. You can hide a trundle bed for guests, or make a spare room function as a storage space while remaining clean and open. We also love installing granite floors that match the walls of your shower, using the natural stone to create a kind of cavern experience in your bathroom.  

Elevate Your Staircase

Stairs can be a lot more than just a way to get from one floor to the other—with a remodel, they can become one of the most interesting features of your home. The area underneath your stair can be converted for all kinds of purposes—a reading nook, a wine rack, a bookshelf, or even a doghouse.  

You can also forgo the space underneath your stairs entirely. At HomeStyling Designs, we love the mid-century modern floating staircase look. A traditional staircase bisects your home and blocks off so much of your square footage, but this kind of design keeps the view of your downstairs wide open. And if you enclose it with a chic railing, it not only looks good, but it’s safe for children and pets.

Let the Light In 

A classic feature on the wish-list of any dream home is a skylight. Being able to look up and see the clouds, stars, or sunshine opens up your home and makes it feel more integrated its surroundings. Nothing beats the glow of natural light, and you’ll love the impression it makes on your guests.

And for easily-accessible second story areas, we suggest skylights that you can open and close. These not only allow for beautiful lighting year round, but on warm days you’ll be able to let some fresh air inside.  

If you feel inspired by any of these ideas, or have a few of your own, call us at HomeStyling Designs to talk about a remodeling project!