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  • UBuildIt Benefits

    Seattle Money Saving Construction Services

    How do we save you money in an inflated housing market?

    We Can Make Your Home Construction a Successful One with 6 Easy Steps

  • Owner Cost Control & Choices 
  • Savings: NO MARKUPS, EVER
  • Complete Time Control Options
  • Security with UBuildIt guiding you every step of the way
  • Control of Project Completion
  • Clout with the Subcontractors and Vendors
  • What Makes Our Home Build Process Different?

    As the home owner you have control through the full build and design process. We will assist you every step of the way and never pressure you to make any decisions you are not comfortable or happy with

    • You control ALL costs at wholesale! No markup ever!
    • You don’t have to pick up a hammer!
    • You shop wherever you wish & we supply all of the missing connections!
    • We collect all of the bids and tabulate them for you!
    • You spend 6 to 8 average hours per week administering your project.
    • You control your checkbook relieving lien concerns!

    Peace of Mind and Money Saving Benefits of UBuildit

    We will complete your remodel or custom home build in the same time frame needed by a Contractor.

    You will earn thousands of dollars worth of equity, with your remodel or custom home build decisions.

    Improve and maintain the lifestyle you want for your family.

    You don’t have to pay inflated showroom prices for finishes

    Our years of construction experience gives you complete flexibility in your decisions without costly change orders. With your consultant, you make informed decisions.

    You can choose UBuildIt Classic Consulting or, Construction Management to get the best of all worlds for your Remodeling or New House!

    Construction Management puts you in full control with the very minimum time commitment possible!

    You have a life while your project is being done! Construction Management is your ultimate construction facilitator!