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    Seattle HomeStyling Design Process

    We will design YOUR home, or design YOUR home remodel, add additions or second story additions, all while working within a realistic controlled budget and YOUR vision.

    What to Expect:

    HomeStyling Design is your advocate for the process of designing your new home and remodeling.

    HomeStyling Design process focuses on your ideas, wants and needs for your perfect functioning dream home. The information regarding your wants and needs will be collected during your consulting meetings. We work with you to hammer out all the details and consider your budget. We have ongoing relationships with top engineers who will then take the information we’ve collected during your design concept stage. The CAD drafting and engineering will then calculate and ensure plans are up to par with city or county permit requirements.

    Your Remodel or New Home plans are developed within 3 easy steps.

    Typically most revisions will be completed on our end within the first 2 steps [below] in our process.

    • Concept Stage
      We draw your basic ideas/concepts to scale drawings with your adjustments and revisions that look like YOU and your family. We can do optional 3D perspective views for you to visualize your desired lifestyle. These approved Concept Drawings are ready for CAD drawings.
    • Preliminary Plan / Elevations Stage
      You, then, will get Preliminary CAD drawings for your evaluation and adjustments, such as, home style, street appeal, era, roof lines, window/door locations, etc.
    • Engineering & Plot Plan Stage
      We transfer your revisions to the engineer to put on the Plans for all of the technical calculations (shear walls, wind load, etc.) and Code requirements necessary for complete Construction Plans. You will provide a survey if needed for us to do the required Plot Plan for permitting. The engineers do their technical work and stamp the drawings to satisfy permit requirements.
    • We Don’t Charge Hourly For Design Services:

      Ken does not charge hourly for designing, this relieves pressure for our clients to finalize plans before they are ready to commit. We want you to be happy with your design and we want to ensure you are happy with the design and your finished product.

      How Can We Offer Affordable Design Prices:

      HomeStyling Design fees are based on the Square Feet of your project along with considerations for the complexity of the site, and your punch list. This saves you stress: no clock ticking with dollars attached. Once we have discussed what you have in mind, we, together, go over my Square Foot Rate Chart and lock in the agreed amount to bring your plans to finish. You pay the engineers separately.

      Why We Don’t Believe in Hourly Charges:

      We don’t do hourly fees. Going by the clock adds pressure and can cause compromise to your results. There are no percentages or timelines added once you and I settle on cost of my services. This works when we stick with the original scope of work you have in mind and reasonably stay with the square feet ranges we have settled on. I’m happy to negotiate adjustments if we see new major options you want to have designed.

      We Will Work With Your Budget:

      We can help you to determine realistic preliminary budget constraints and requirements. This, along with your wish lists, and magazine clippings gives us the tools to create your concepts.

      Our Attention To Detail:

      You will evaluate your design concepts and “redline” them as many times as necessary to get the finalized concept of your dreams.

      We Are Transparent & Responsive:

      We can take your calls almost every hour of the waking day and invite your calls to develop your concepts effectively. (Sure, we prefer from 8 to 5 contacts like everyone else, but you, our Client, deserve the best!)

      We Can Get You Building Permits:

      Once the design process, your ‘Design Concept’, is done and your Construction Plans are ready, we can connect you with our CAD drafter, or firms to get your permit, or you can go for it on your own, if you wish.