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  • UBuildIt Consulting Process

    UBuildIt (UBUIL**876P2).

    Seattle and Bellevue Trusted Home/Build Consulting Services

    We do not charge hourly for our consulting services and will do what we can to understand what you want and that you understand what the process will be.

    Why Do You Need Construction Consulting?

    Let’s face it, most folks who are seeking to remodel or build a home have no idea where to start. Our consulting services will help guide you through what kind of design you want and all aspects of the build or remodel of a new home. We want to set your mind at ease and help you through the process with transparency and honesty.

    What Benefits Do We Provide You With UBuildIt Services?

    • Evaluate your desired scope of work (remodel or new home construction)
    • Develop realistic budgets for the project
    • Preliminary site evaluation
    • Coordinate with HomeStyling Design or your architect for construction plans
    • Professional guidance and connections to our network of professionals to help in the planning and permitting
    • We solicit and handle the entire bidding process for you
    • We completely set up the construction package before construction starts
    • You have access to our preferred suppliers and subcontractors for their discounted prices and reliable customer service
    • You make all of the decisions along with our seasoned guidance
    • You have our expert advice and guidance from many years of field construction experience
    • You pay for all labor and materials directly to the subcontractors and vendors at builder’s costs with NO markup, ever!
    • We do many consultant on-site visits with you every step during the entire construction project all the way to move-in!

    Why Choose HomeStyling Design Coupled with UBuildIt?


    • Full DESIGN control and Owner Cost control = CONTROL, SAVINGS, & SECURITY
    • Complete time control options
    • Control of project completion

    Get your Home at The Cost of Seattle Homes 10 years ago? Well, not quite, but you will get it done at contractors’ costs!

    With the economy bursting at the seams in Seattle/Bellevue Metro Area,, the housing market has reached a record high, we want individuals who want to build or remodel a home to do so for the lowest reasonable cost possible!

    How Do We Save You Money?

    How? There’s no builder markup, ever, on labor or materials! That makes actual construction costs down 20% to 30% including our UBI consulting fee. With this savings, you can choose to put upgrades into your new home or remodel. Or, you may simply choose to not spend the money you save by not hiring a contractor.

    How Do We Pay for UBuildIt Consulting?

  • UBuildIt fees are based on the Square Feet of your project along with considerations for the complexity of the site, and your punch list. This saves you stress: no clock ticking with dollars attached. Once we have discussed what you have in mind, we, together, go over my Construction Square Foot Rate Chart and lock in the agreed amount to work with you from pre-budgeting to move-in. You will pay progress draws as the construction moves along.
  • What Makes HomeStyling Design & UBuildit The Perfect Combination and Unlike The Rest?

    You have the say in everything from Design through Construction, as our client and owner of your new remodel or home build. But, we think you should never be left in the dark about your project or status and timeline of each of the many tasks:

    As An Owner What Do I Control?

    • You can choose how you want to run your project: we give you the options.
    • You get time, we never rush or pressure you into making decisions you are not ready for, unlike builders who pressure you to make decisions for their own profit benefits and timelines.
    • You can change your mind! It will be your home in the end we want to make sure you are happy
    • Our relationships and partnerships ensures all work will be completed professionally.
    • You get security! Drawing on our 30 years plus experience, you get complete flexibility in your decisions without costly and frustrating change orders. With your consultant, you make informed decisions. You will save thousands of dollars by not having to fix bad choices that come with inexperience.
    • You make informed decisions with your consultant. You will save thousands of dollars by not having to fix bad choices that come with inexperience!