The Next Step: Continuing Your Home Remodel Project

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The Next Step: Continuing Your Home Remodel Project

If you’ve chosen HomeStyling Design for your new home or remodel project, congratulations! You are well on your way to achieving your vision with our commitment to designing YOU into your dream home.

If you haven’t, here’s why you should:

We work with you every step of the way, using our expertise of 30 plus years to execute your ideas and keeping you in charge the whole time. We solve design challenges most others can’t even see!

After the four phases of our process: meeting, concepts, planning, and engineering, you will have precise blueprints as the foundation for your project. So, what’s next?

Next comes the construction phase. That’s where our sister company, UBuildIt comes into play. We highly recommend using UBuildIt for your construction consulting in conjunction with HomeStyling Design. Our two companies go hand in hand to make your vision a reality with savings and creativity that is unbeatable in this market!

When you use HomeStyling Design and UBuildIt consulting services, you get:

• Full design to permit-ready plans

• Wholesale costs on all labor and materials: save 20- 30% on your project

• Step-by-step guidance by our professional construction consultants

• On-site inspections and support throughout your project

Rather than you just trying to fit into your new living space, we focus on creating the best design around your wants and needs and budgets. The benefits for you when using HomeStyling Design and UBuildIt as a series are as follows:

• You are in control of the entire project.

• You have the advantage of volume builder discounts. Your consultant assists with every step of planning and construction up until move in.

• You get to use our preferred subcontractors and suppliers (or choose your own) at no builder markups, ever.

• You can keep your savings or do the upgrades, extra amenities or extra square footage at builders’ hard costs.

• You will complete your project with a better quality home and with a great equity position.

Contact us to get started on your home remodel project!