How Lighting Is Used To Brighten Your Home Design

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How Lighting Is Used To Brighten Your Home Design

Let there be light! Lighting is so much more than just a bulb or a fixture in your home—it is an element that sets the tone, the mood, the scene of an interior space. Each room requires lighting that is functional but can also be decorative when necessary. Proper lighting can be tricky because of the types of switches and electrical complexities. At HomeStyling Design, not only do we design your new home or remodel, but we also incorporate proper lighting design. In order for you to reach maximum enjoyment out of your new space, we consider three major functions of your lighting system:

Ambient light

The general brightness needed in any given room is ambient light. It is created with fixtures such as lamps or ceiling bulbs in order to set the stage for each room’s function and feel—traditional, simple, elegant, formal, casual, etc. Natural light may be used in conjunction with the artificial bulbs for added brightness during the day. Sunlight can enter the home through windows, skylights, or SolaTube reflective tubing.

Task light

Your kitchen, study areas, and office spaces require task lighting to be fully functional. You will be best served while reading or cooking when the task lights are on. This type requires special fixtures, pendant lights, separate circuit recessed can lights, track lights, or lamps. We prefer designing spaces with the task light on its own switch so that it won’t interfere with the ambient light and can be turned on as needed.

Mood light

Relax and set the scene with mood lighting in the form of a spotlight on a specific decoration or piece of art, special fixtures, or even with candles. Mood lights usually allow more darkness in the room when tasks are finished and natural light is minimal. This can also be in the form of dimmed ambient or task lights, which can be turned down with a dimmer switch.

While designing your new home or remodel, we include a detailed Lighting Schematic that addresses each of these options. We want you to comfortably see, use, and alive in your new lifestyle! Contact us at Homestyling Design for a construction estimate.