Home Styling Design: Finding More Space in Small Places

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Home Styling Design: Finding More Space in Small Places

“Ken found space where there was none!” It’s a sentiment that several of our clients have shared, because they’ve noticed Ken’s gift for using square footage. Especially in the city, where the houses are smaller and more cramped, Ken and the team at HomeStyling Design have a knack for finding more space in small places.

Of course, more space is always better, but there are additional benefits to finding more useable spaces within your home:

  • Makes spaces easier to use. When furniture is clogging the walkways of your home, and a lack of space causes clutter, it can be frustrating to accomplish simple tasks. If you’re in a rush to get out the door, that frustration increases exponentially. As we find more space by strategically designing your interior spaces, you will find that your rooms are much easier to navigate and use!
  • Makes cost savings for remodeling or building new a reality!
  • Gives aesthetics a boost. When the clutter is gone and everything has its place, your space will look and feel better! Messes and awkward placement of furniture and décor just make a room feel more cramped, and can actually affect your mood. A thoughtful room design can go miles toward improving the flow of your spaces so that you enjoy your interiors.
  • Finds multi-use of spaces for efficiency.  Using space for little used functions adds costs to your project.    Sorting out priorities makes your work and traffic flow more enjoyable. Open spaces help enlarge visual comfort while designating functions by locating floor, ceiling treatments, and accessories.
  • Provides better entertaining space. It’s hard to offer a welcoming environment for entertaining when your space feels cramped. Finding more space and utilizing it well can create a much better place for parties and get-togethers.
  • Maintains a low carbon footprint. Seattle homes are already producing a smaller carbon footprint, since square footage is reduced and lot sizes are significantly smaller within city limits (you won’t generally find sprawling homes in Greenwood, like you might in Redmond). However, a space with functional and aesthetic design will maintain a low carbon footprint because you’ll be using your space more efficiently.

Ken and the HomeStyling Design team are not only skilled in the art of construction design; they are experts at finding more space in smaller, urban homes and rooms. Contact us today for a free consultation on your design project, so that you can make your dream space really work for you!