Home Renovations to Consider This Spring

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Home Renovations to Consider This Spring

The spring season isn’t just a time to deep-clean your home after it’s been shut up all winter. It’s also a time to consider refreshing your home’s interior, from updating your bathroom design to adding new colors to your walls.

There are certain renovations and maintenance tasks that are best performed in spring, to help maximize the comfort and longevity of your home.

Check Your Weakest Points for Maintenance Needs

Before you start making aesthetic changes to any part of your home, make sure it doesn’t need repair or maintenance work first. Check your shingles and chimney for signs of damage and the interior of your attic for leaks. Head down to the basement to look for signs of cracking or settling in your foundation.

Make sure exposed wood on the outside of your home is in solid condition. Examine and clean out your gutters to prepare for spring rains. Take a little time to check out and maintain your yard equipment, such as your mower. Spring is also the time to have your air conditioner inspected and serviced for upcoming summer use.

Consider Upgrading Your Curb Appeal

There are several projects perfect for mild spring weather that will make your home more attractive. One of them is resurfacing your driveway. Whether you’re having it paved with asphalt or laying an ornate brick design, soft spring soil is better to work with than a winter freeze. It’s also still cool enough to do the work without becoming too sweaty and miserable.

Are you considering adding a room to your home, perhaps an office or a bedroom for a new family member? The spring is the ideal time to undertake such an expansion. You have many months to complete the work before the inclement weather of late fall and winter make building a difficult proposition.

Upgrade Your Kitchen, Walls or Floors

When it comes to the most popular rooms to upgrade, the kitchen remains a top priority. This comes as no surprise, given how much time families often spend in and around this hub and gathering space. Investing in new appliances, upgraded plumbing, and a better countertop now can make preparing summer meals a breeze.

If you’ve been wanting to get rid of your old carpet and upgrade to real wood flooring, now is the ideal time to start that project. You can have contractors come in before the summer rush, ensuring that the floors require minimal upkeep when the kids are home for the summer. Similarly, now’s a great time to finish rooms or install and paint drywall. You can open windows to let out the dust and have everything finished before the summer heat.