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  • Royce Remodel

    “We have a great view of Lake Washington and Mt. Rainier, but couldn’t see it from the Kitchen. A huge fireplace trapped the Kitchen from the view. Ken opened up everything, so we could enjoy the view of the water, and enjoy our fabulous rock terraced back yard. He developed a huge eating/working island for me and my hobby ladies when we gather. Ken’s feel for the awesome shows in the vaulted Contemporary lines he worked into the front of our house. We are now a complementary part of our neighborhood rather than the dated house on the block.

    Ken, also, designed a great lower apartment with a view, complete with Kitchen and Laundry.

    Problems we encountered with an old leaking oil tank were costly, but we only spent what a builder would have to spend and we paid no markups to resolve this problem with Ken’s and his consulting team’s help.”