4 Things to Consider Before Your Home Project

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4 Things to Consider Before Your Home Project

A new home or remodel project is a huge undertaking. Whether you plan to do it yourself or hire outside help, a construction project will definitely make an impact on your life for the duration of the process.

At HomeStyling Design, our design process is created to make your dream home a reality. The steps of our process are based on your wish list and revisions, It starts with basic concepts and 3D views, then preliminary CAD plans, then engineered permit ready plans.

Before diving into a major construction, consider these factors:

1. Budget

HomeStyling Design services are priced by the square footage and complexity of the project rather than hourly or percentages that will save you money and stress!

Of course, a major factor to consider when undergoing a home project is your budget. We know job costs, so we consider with you the cost of your desired project.  Using Construction Consulting, doing it yourself, or hiring a professional, are options for you. We have the answers.

2. Energy Efficiency

At HomeStyling Design, our expert designers can help with space efficiency and energy efficiency.

Now is the time to make small changes that will have a lasting impact. Installing energy-efficient appliances and features will decrease your monthly energy bills and make your home a greener place to live. There are always ways to make your home more eco-friendly, starting with simple updates such as changing out light bulbs and adding insulation.

3. Life Events

A construction project can add chaos and stress to your already busy schedule, so plan ahead with HomeStyling Design. We have helped hundreds of families update their lifestyle to make those busy times and important events fully enjoyable!

Think about what’s coming up that could affect your need for a refreshed home. This could include a busy time at work, weddings to attend, big events in your kids’ life, weekend plans, visitors, etc. Effective Design and updates for you IS HomeStyling Design.

4. Construction Consulting vs. DIY vs. Professional Help

How skilled are you in construction, remodeling and electrical work? Do you have all the necessary tools to carry out this project? Do you have the time for your own labor? If you’re trying to do some of the updates yourself, make sure you are completely confident in your skills. It will be much more difficult to start over once you get stuck than going with a professional guidance from the get-go.

Time and Budget constraints may lead you to Construction Consulting rather than the DIY or general contractor route. Contact us for an design estimate on your new home or remodeling project.