DESIGNING YOUR REMODEL OR NEW HOME: What we do with you to make it YOUR DREAM.

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DESIGNING YOUR REMODEL OR NEW HOME: What we do with you to make it YOUR DREAM.

Our mantra is to design you into your dream home.

The first concept drawings are created from your input, your dreams, your desired budget, your clippings.  We don’t get to live there, so our concept suggestions will reflect YOU! Our creativity and many years of designing people into their new lifestyle polishes your ideas to the max.

What really goes into making your house a dream home?

STEP ONE: Contact Us.

Are you ready to do a new home, or remodel an area of your current home? Contact us to discuss the details of the project, what you are hoping to change, and your budget. This gets get the ball rolling on the design process to speed you on your way to enjoy your dream home as soon as possible.

STEP TWO: Concepts & Drawings.

Time for us to get busy! After we know what you wamt done to make your house a dream home, we will get to work on the concept stage – putting your dreams onto paper. For a Remodel, we measure your house to take advantage of all of the options. From our meetings and consultations, we will draw out some to-scale drawings and three-dimensional perspective views so that you can visualize your lifestyle in the new space. (By the way, these drawings are ready-for-CAD.)

STEP THREE: Planning & Elevations.

Now, it’s time for you to tweak our designs to fit with the changes you envisioned for your home. We will edit with you the Concept Drawings. We will provide you with preliminary CAD drawings for you to evaluate and adjust for all of the finishing touches – home style, street appeal, roof lines, the locations of windows and doors, etc. All of these adjustments are a part of our flat rate retainer.  We have no percentage rates or hourly fees to get in the way of our creativity in getting to the heart of your project.

STEP FOUR: Engineering & Plot Plans.

After we receive your revisions from Step Three, we’ll add them to our CAD drawing to present to the engineer for their technical calculations and code requirements. You will retain the engineer separately and we’ll coordinate all of the drawing paperwork with the engineers. If needed, we’ll connect you to a surveyor so we can do the necessary plot plans required on the final Constructions Drawings for permitting. The engineer approves and stamps the structural drawings and plans for permit requirements. Your design work is done! We have connections for you to hire to process permitting if you like.

STEP FIVE: Construction.

We can work with you to complete the HomeStyling Design plans with our sister company, UBuildIt  to transform the plans into reality! You will control your project, save thousands, and securely run your job with UBuildIt. And, your won’t even need to pick up a hammer!

Or, you can take our plans to a construction contractor if you would like.

We know will you enjoy your new LIFESTYLE in your dream home!