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    Seattle Common Questions When Building & Designing a New Home

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    Frequently Asked Questions for HomeStyling Design:

    How much can I save hiring HomeStyling Design?

    Everyone charges differently, but we hear that our clients have saved 50% to 200% or more when working with HomeStyling Design.

    We charge by the size of your remodel or new home when determining your fees. Most Designers and Architects charge 8% to 10% of the value of the construction and/or from $60-$200 per hour. It is very difficult to know ahead of time what you will pay to get you dreams to construction plans.

    How can I be sure my design costs will be controllable with HomeStyling Design?

    By fixing our fees at the time of contracting, you will stay relaxed and we all stay creative while developing your new Lifestyle. I do not charge for concept changes and revisions. Your end result will be YOU in your construction plans.

    Can I have a free appointment and consultation to get acquainted?

    Yes. Building relationships is what makes everything work. Call now 206-729-9304

    Can I communicate MY wishes successfully when talking with my Designer?

    I tell all of my Clients that I don’t get to live in the new project, so I use my 30+ years of residential designing to enhance your wishes and reflect you into your home. My ego belongs in my home, but not yours. Planning your spaces in your best interests is my passion. Having done thousands of remodels and new homes, I will be able to polish your Wish List without competing with it.

    Are they qualified to design my desired Home Style, Era, and Street Appeal?

    I have designed all of these and more: Do you like Traditional? Do you like Contemporary? Do you like Mediterranean? Do you like Federal? Do you like Cape Cod? Do you like Victorian? Do you like Farmhouse? Do you like Chalet? Do live on a lake? Do you have a view? Are you in a neighborhood? Are you in the country? Do you have a small plot? Do you have acreage? Do you want an Addition? Do you want a Mother-in-law Unit? Do you want to re-do the inside of your house/kitchen/bathrooms?

    My Clients are amazed that what we design together is a perfect fit for them…this is what I do.

    Do you have a Certified Kitchen Designer on staff?

    While I am the owner of HomeStyling Design, I have been a Certified Kitchen Designer for over 30 years. This certification is with the National Kitchen and Bath Assn. which is the oldest and largest Kitchen and Bath association in the country.

    Being certified is a great credential for you to trust. Beyond that, my sense of spaces and ability to see them and the possibilities before they get on the drawing board get you maximum creativity for your project.

    How do you determine your fees?

    Now, couple this creative ability and certification with years of constructing the projects with my Clients, and you get maximum COST CONTROL to actually do you project. Many a design by other designers and architects never get built because of overdesigning your wishes.

    There are 4 things that must be considered to successfully design your new lifestyle:

    1. Your wish list
    2. Your budget
    3. Your budget
    4. Your budget

    Now you will be able to build your new lifestyle. This is what we are at HomeStyling Design.

    Can HomeStyling Design provide me with high value and cost effective solutions?


    Will a well-conceived project give me a maximum return on my investment?