What to Consider Before Starting A Home Project

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What to Consider Before Starting A Home Project

Renovations and remodels are often value-boosting ways to turn your current space into your dream home. Perhaps you’ve always fantasized about turning that spacious attic into a game room, or maybe you want to add a guest room onto the side of the house. If you’re thinking about turning your home makeover dreams into reality, here are a few considerations to weigh before taking on an addition project.

1. Do you have a solid plan and budget?

This should not only be a monetary budget, but also a time and resource budget. DIY projects may come with their fair share of unanticipated expenses or other obstacles. It’s important to consider types of materials, costs for professional services (such as inspection fees), and even outside accommodations in case you need to stay somewhere else during construction.

2. If you had a blank slate to work with, would you do anything differently?

Home additions and remodeling give you a chance to make big changes to your home. If you ever imagined having the power to pick up the living room and place it in the kitchen area so that you and your guests can better enjoy the backyard view, now is the time to make that happen. A design expert can help you lay out a realistic and effective plan to accomplish your vision. Whether you find yourself doodling ideas on a napkin or pinning inspiration on Pinterest, talking to a professional is the best first step toward enjoying your updated space.

3. Is the home addition or remodel worth it?

Ask yourself whether this project will add value to your home. Even if you can’t imagine moving away now, it’s a good idea to leave room to change your mind in the future — even if you just want to refinance. Do some research or consult your designer to find out what home amenities are highly valued in your area, then try to incorporate a few highlights into your plans.

4. How much should you DIY?

Consider your own time value as well as your personal skill set. If you’re able to dedicate your after-work evenings and free weekends to this project for the next 6 to 12 months, great! However, enlisting guidance from a local remodel expert can save you both time and money in the process. You can also consult with a professional construction and remodeling team and tap into their network of trusted contractors, if need be.