CKD—What Does That Certification Mean?

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CKD—What Does That Certification Mean?

It means you have years of design and construction experience to tap into.

It means you can learn what’s best in today’s market and the newest products.


Why should I buy a more expensive ceiling paddle fan?  The fan is supposed to move air and the less expensive ones have too small of a motor to effectively do that. To move air adequately the paddles need to have a steeper angle, hence, a more powerful motor…simple physics, but not commonly understood:  Ken Peterson, CKD, gets you that knowledge.


Is Pendant Lighting cool in my Kitchen, Master Suite, Foyer? Ask Ken what’s the latest trends.


There are so many sinks out there for Kitchens, Bathrooms, BBQ areas, and Ken, your CKD, keeps up on these products.


What about Siding, Roofing, Windows, Cabinets, Tile, Flooring, Counters, Heating…? Ken is your expert in filtering these into your design for remodeling or new construction.


Ken will be doing blogs to get you answers to many questions, and you can ask yours directly if you have pressing concern or curiosity for your upcoming project. He will do a product blog to cover your questions or make a free appointment with him.


Ken Peterson, CKD, and his wife Ruthie are the proud owners of HomeStyling Design and UBuildIt Seattle/Bellevue, and can offer you decades of experience combined with an attitude that involves you and your opinions in the project.  Ken makes you feel comfortable and capable.  Rest assured that their expertise combined with your vision will result in the perfect housing project for your family.


But what exactly are those qualifications Ken lists?


Certified Kitchen Designer 


Ken has been a Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) for over 30 years—that’s experience you can trust. He is insightful and creative.  Ken says, “I see spaces and possibilities that no one else sees before anything even gets on paper.”


He designs more than Kitchens and Bathrooms, he has done hundreds of major remodels, additions, and new custom homes. Solving so many constructions challenges gives you the design problem solving expertise many others lack.


The certification comes from the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), which is a not-for-profit trade association that promotes the professionalism of the kitchen and bath industry. They award these certifications based on examinations that demonstrate extensive industry experience and knowledge. To even get the certification, you must have a documented minimum of 7 years experience, a minimum of 3 of which must be specifically from full-time residential kitchen or bath design. Applicants must then also spend a minimum of 60 hours on the approved NKBA coursework, and then pass the certification test.


Beyond that, Ken is required to keep current by attending many seminars and NKBA functions to assure you that his creativity is as current as Today.


Between his years of experience and the “CKD”, Ken someone you can trust with your remodel or new home design, and the Petersons are a team that knows exactly how to get your dreams down on paper. When you come to HomeStyling Design for remodel or new home plans, you’ll love working with Ken and Ruthie so much you’ll want them help you through the project, too. And, in which case, they can offer you their construction consulting services through UBuildIt.


Call today to talk about your design ideas! 206-729-7304 or 206-405-4417. Ken’s email is: