Assessing Your Housing Options During a Remodel

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Assessing Your Housing Options During a Remodel

Home remodeling can be a messy, loud, and inconvenient process for the homeowners, and for larger projects, homeowners will often choose not to stay in their home during the remodel. You have lots of options to consider in terms of where you’ll stay, and each has its own advantages in terms of both budget and ease. Before beginning your remodeling plan, consider your choices.

1.) Rent a Home

Many families choose to rent a home during their remodel. You can often sublet homes or apartments by the week or month, or even rent (or buy!) a trailer or RV that you can keep on your property, enabling you to be close to the project and your possessions without trying to cohabitate with a construction crew. You might want to search places like AirBnb for options to try to find local deals!

2.) Stay with Friends and Family

It’s also possible that you have friends or family members in the area you might be able to stay with during your remodel. This is certainly the best option in terms of budget, as you’ll probably be allowed to stay for free and your project will be able to proceed as quickly as possible in your absence. However, hospitality can only go so far, and last so long. To lessen the burden on your hosts, consider splitting up your time or even your family. If the kids stay with friends, and your uncle dog sits, you and your spouse could stay in an inexpensive hotel.

3.) Go on Vacation

For smaller projects that don’t mean months of upheaval, many families try to time their remodel with a vacation. This doesn’t have to mean flying to Hawaii for several weeks, and you could even use the occasion as an excuse to do something you’ve been planning anyway. Have you wanted to take your kids on a long road trip? Have you been meaning to visit your extended family? If there is a vacation coming up in your future, your remodel might be the perfect time to take it, though some families balk at spending money on leisure when they’re investing so much in their property.

4.) Live with the Remodel

And of course, you can always choose to stay—unless you can’t. If the roof of your house is coming off in the winter, you’ll need to move out, but if you’re doing a kitchen remodel in summer, maybe that just means it’s a good time for grilling outdoors. As long as your utilities aren’t shut off for more than a day, at least one bathroom is accessible, and you don’t have to worry about inhaling fumes or drywall, you can probably make due staying at home with perhaps a few nights in a hotel as needed. Bear in mind, of course, that the project will likely be more expensive, as crews are able to work more quickly and easily when they have the whole place to themselves.

We’re more than happy to discuss your options with you during the design process. At HomeStyling Designs, we’re all about working with our clients to accommodate their custom needs and desires. When we take you through the engineering and plot plan stage, we’ll be able to estimate accurately when you might need to vacate the property, what areas of your home might be inaccessible, or whether there will be periods of time you’ll be without utility services. Ask us any questions about your options during your remodel—we’d love to talk you through the whole process! Call us today!