6 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

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6 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

With winter underway and temperatures continuing to drop, many of us retreat to the warmth and comfort of our homes during and after the holiday season. Unfortunately, we all too often realize that all of the home improvement projects we planned to complete are still staring us in the face. With 2018 fast approaching, now is the time to dust off that to-do list and craft a plan to upgrade your home.

Completing home renovation projects not only provides a huge sense of accomplishment for homeowners and their families — if done correctly, this can also translate into a worthwhile investment that increases your curb appeal, comfort, and home value. Here are six home improvement projects that you shouldn’t put off for another year.

1. Invest in Your Dream Kitchen

Not only do kitchen renovations often provide the highest return on investment on your home, they also provide the most practical upgrades that you and your family can enjoy on a daily basis. Larger, more well-equipped kitchens are becoming the norm for modern construction and are in high demand from homebuyers at all income levels. With so many options at your disposal for cabinet, countertop, and appliance upgrades, you can easily become overwhelmed about which renovations best suit your needs.

If you, like many homeowners, would benefit from assistance with drafting a design renovation plan that fits your unique kitchen needs, HomeStyling Design is here to assist. Our expert designer will provide the inspiration and outlines you need to get your project off the ground and will present you with a wide range of options to suit your needs and your budget.

2. Don’t Skip the Bathroom

Much like kitchens, upgraded bathrooms not only give your home a huge boost in value, but are also a highly practical upgrade for you and your family. Features such as shower benches and separate rooms for toilets away from the main bath area are becoming highly sought after and will give your home a huge boost in both functionality and value.

Master bath renovations represent the greatest return on investment if you are upgrading on a budget. Modern features, including frameless shower doors and his-and-her sinks with additional storage niches, will help make your morning hustle during the workweek more bearable.

Having trouble deciding which features are right for you?  Enlist construction consulting and support from the experts at UBuildIt, who understand home improvement-related building and can steer you in the right direction.

3. Kill the Clutter

Another easy and effective method to enhance your living area is to address any clutter issues. Nothing is as visually unappealing or as frustrating in a home as having all surfaces covered with knickknacks, books, toys and other items that make up our collection of worldly possessions. With the aid of a few inexpensive, well-appointed storage shelves and bins, you can say goodbye to all that clutter.

4. Energy Efficiency

Another fantastic project that translates into dollars in your pocket is enhancing your home’s energy efficiency. Not only will projects such as insulating your ductwork and weather-stripping doors and windows equate to lower utility bills, in some cases, energy efficiency upgrades are even deductible on your income taxes.

5. Upgrade that Closet

One common complaint among homeowners is the small size of their available closet space. The ability to store and organize clothing, shoes and other items in a closet is a key component of domestic comfort. For a modest investment, a closet renovation focusing on freeing up or adding space will equate to money and time well spent.

6. Invest in Your Home

Last, but certainly not least, resolve to view your home as an investment this year. Not only is maintaining and upgrading a home an investment in your family and future, it can also be a long-term investment that will pay great dividends when it is time to sell!