6 Indicators It’s Time to Remodel

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6 Indicators It’s Time to Remodel

Like all home owners, you have a wish list to upgrade your Kitchen, Bath, or Master Suite. Is it a “dream list” or a “Honey do list”? What are the trouble spots that will motivate you to getting it done?

Considering your enjoyment and return on your investment, your Kitchen is a great first choice to upgrade.  Here are some indicators that your kitchen needs help:

1. Outdated Appliances: Not only are those unattractive appliances from the 8o’s or 90’s an eyesore, but they are costing you precious lots in energy $’s every month.  Those costs add up quickly when using those older appliances over the course of a year.  New ones will benefit you with lowered energy bills, not to mention the great new features.

2. Poor Kitchen Storage: When you have organized and reorganized your cabinets and pantry and tossed out all the unnecessary items and you STILL find yourself storing small appliances on the counters…well, you need more kitchen storage.

3. Water or other damage: That refrigerator leak or dinged kitchen counters and walls are signs that your kitchen not only has seen better days, but can also be indicators that more expensive plumbing or electrical issues are looming around the corner. Remodel now to prevent a more expensive fix down the road.

Everyone loves the peaceful allure of a spa-like bathroom. It is amazing how easily that can be achieved with just a few changes. There are signs to look for that indicate a remodel is needed not just to attain that Zen space, but for home value and safety:

4. Water pressure or leaks: If you have the same or similar problems occurring in one or more of your bathrooms, remodeling could save you by avoiding expensive fixes down the road. Plumbing issues allowed to go on can be mold or safety issues as well.

5. You are unhappy when you walk into your bathroom: If the fixtures and surfaces are so old and tired looking that decorating and paint doesn’t seem to alter it that much, it is likely time for a remodel.

6. Inadequate bathroom storage: Families change and expand and when that happens, bathroom storage is the first place you feel the squeeze. When designed well, much more effective storage can be carved out the same bathroom footprint and make all the difference for function and eye appeal for your family every day.

Regardless if you plan to keep your home or sell, there are many good reasons to start that remodel to create the home for years of enjoyment. After all, your home IS your castle.

Outdated kitchens and baths are the first things staring potential buyers in the eye when they come to look at your home. If you plan to sell in the next couple of years, consider remodeling these two areas first so that none of the indicators would be a deal breaker. And, sometimes it doesn’t take a complete gutting of the kitchen to make the necessary changes to create the appeal you need to get that edge over other homes on the market.