5 Remodeling Projects That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

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5 Remodeling Projects That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Remodeling isn’t just a way to increase your enjoyment of your home and living space, it’s also a way to increase its value. Making improvements to your home can often be recouped in the long run in terms of energy efficiency, re-sale value, and livability. Here are a few remodeling projects that will pay off!

1.) Adding a Bathroom

This is one of the best options if you currently have only one bathroom, as the returns diminish the more bathrooms you already have. Homes with only one bathroom and more than two bedrooms are the best candidates, as many prospective buyers are families that will likely feel one bathroom isn’t going to meet their needs. The cost of the bathroom will vary depending on the materials and accessories you use, but HGTV estimates that you can recoup 80-130 percent of what you spend on adding a bathroom. If you have an under-utilized closet space or small room, install a half or even full bath for increased convenience and re-sale value!

2.) Install Window Film

Window film is a home improvement that will not only make your house more marketable later, but will save you money in the meantime. Window film is a great way of regulating the energy use of your home in both heating and cooling, keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. Window film blocks at least 99 percent of incoming UV rays, in addition to heat and light, which means lower air conditioning or heating bills, not to mention that the window film will protect your carpet, floors, or furniture from fading, preventing costly damage. And the long-lasting warranty that comes with most window films means that prospective buyers will still be covered!

3.) Roof Replacement

One thing that many homeowners often underestimate is the value of those fundamental, structural repairs, but things like furnaces, siding, roofs, or plumbing improvements are one of the most compelling remodeling moves you can do. It won’t matter to prospective buyers if you have a bathtub with jets or a granite countertop if your house has structural problems. Replacing the roof is one of the best structural repairs you can make, because not only will it demonstrate to prospective buyers that you’re taking care of the home itself, but it also drastically improves the curb-side cosmetic appearance of the home. Most importantly, a new roof prevents future damage to the integrity of your home. A leak in your roof can compromise your foundation, invite mold or mildew into your home, or lead to damage in the rafters or support beams.

4.) Attic Bedroom

US News and World Report reports that converting an attic to a bedroom is the third most cost-effective home improvement, according to a Cost vs. Value report that puts homeowners recouping around 85 percent of the remodel cost. It’s also just a great way to use otherwise wasted space, especially if your family or footage needs are growing but you’re not ready or able to move into a new home. Of course, there is a certain set of characteristics your attic will need to have to be a good candidate for a bedroom conversion. Building codes require the walls be at leas 7.5 feet high over 50 percent of the floor area, and W-shaped trusses supporting the roof are much more difficult to work around than A-shaped rafters. You’ll also need to add a window for it to be countable as a bedroom, and don’t forget to make sure you have enough space for a staircase downstairs for access!

5.) Revamped Heating System

Green remodeling and home improvement is a very popular trend right now, and rightly so—not only do many environmentally-friendly retrofits save you money on your bills, but you’re also helping pass down a better world to your children at the same time. Heating systems are a source of both tremendous cost and waste in many households, and revamping your central heating is a remodel that will save you money and impress potential buyers (especially if you’re showing your home in the winter and manage to keep it warm and cozy!). Radiant floor heat is extremely popular for its efficiency, but it’s generally so much more difficult and expensive to install post-construction that many homeowners look for alternatives. High-efficiency wood boilers can be attached to most existing heating systems while also reducing your heating bill by up to 70 percent, making boilers an easy change with big benefits.

If you want more ideas about what remodeling ideas will increase the value of your home and pay off, call us at HomeStyling Design! We’re remodeling experts who love to help homeowners achieve their dreams.