5 Popular Home Styles to Inspire Your Remodel

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5 Popular Home Styles to Inspire Your Remodel

Embarking on a whole-home remodel (or building new construction from the ground up) can feel daunting as you face what seems to be an endless stream of aesthetic and logistical decisions. One of the first choices you may find yourself considering during the design process is your future home’s architectural style.

Because there are so many styles to choose from, consulting with a professional designer is often a wise way to determine the best fit for your family’s personal tastes and lifestyle. Before you meet with your designer, here are five classic home styles to inspire your remodel vision.

1. The Victorian: Featuring ornate architecture and boxy, distinctly separated living spaces, Victorians are usually two or more stories tall. Think turrets, sloping roofs, and cast iron accents. If you love dramatic color schemes, clawfoot furniture, and luxury fabrics, Victorian style may be for you. A properly executed design and construction plan can leave you with a Victorian that is both homey and elegant.

2. The Craftsman: Elegant in their deceptive simplicity, Craftsman homes showcase the builder’s skill by focusing on subtle details. From built-in features, such as bookcases, to open floor plans, there are many attractive and practical elements to Craftsman homes. They provide a rustic yet livable feel that often features fireplaces, wooden porches, and exposed beams. The Craftsman may be one, one-and-a-half, or two or more stories tall. True Craftsman homes are coveted by many, and their sleek lines and unpretentious style are ideal for relaxing and inviting spaces.

3. The Colonial: Colonial architecture goes by many names, including Dutch Colonial, Federal, and Cape Cod. Colonial-style homes originated in the 1700s and are typically large and boxy. They may feature architectural details such as columns near the entrance, dormer windows on the top floor, and many directly aligned windows across the front of the home. Colonial styles are quite popular on the East Coast and offer a historic feel. They are typically two or more stories in height.

4. The Ranch: Ranch homes are simple, single-story homes with sprawling floor plans. Typically, one wing of the home includes the living spaces and another includes the bedrooms. They typically have a streamlined, unadorned exterior design. Ranches often have open living areas but full separation in the sleeping areas. They are common throughout the countryside, yet maintain a broad appeal in a wide range of neighborhoods.

5. The Tudor: Based on common style elements of Medieval England, the quintessential Tudor home offers an exterior boasting masonry, exposed framing beams, visible stone foundations, and steep gable roofs. Like Victorians, the design elements that make Tudor homes unique can require more long-term maintenance. If properly maintained, Tudors can be exquisite homes with extreme curb appeal.

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