4 Ways to Upgrade Your Home This Summer

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4 Ways to Upgrade Your Home This Summer

Summer is the perfect time for gatherings and outdoor fun — and a few choice home improvements can make entertaining even more enjoyable. Beyond optimizing your space for family and guests, these projects are also best completed during the dry and warm months. If you’ve been itching for a change, here are four ideas to help you take advantage of this ideal time to update or renovate your home.

1. Invest in your windows or roof

The cold and rainy seasons are no time to be worrying about moisture coming through the roof or drafts flowing in from old windows. Replacing these key components of your home during the summer reduces the risk of weather complications while completing the project and ensures you’ll have both a cooler summer and a warmer (and drier) winter. You may even consider tinted, UV-shielding windows to reduce thermal loss year round, helping you save on utilities.

2. Redo the kitchen or bathroom

When fixing up your home, the kitchen and bathroom are both spaces where improvements can result in a higher home value (plus greater comfort and convenience). Since you can comfortably cook outside during BBQ season, there’s no better time to upgrade your kitchen. The right home design and construction support can influence the success of these major remodels, helping you stay within your budget while ensuring a beautiful custom result.

3. Refinish or build a deck

Make an old deck or porch look like new by adding a new finish or color. Add some comfortable chairs and a grill, and you have an instant outdoor space. If you’re building, however, take time to plan. Because outdoor space is at a premium, you want to spend at least a full year in your home before you commit to any major projects. That way you’ll know how you use the space in all seasons and what size and placement is best for your property.

4. Repave your driveway

In order to achieve the best possible finish on asphalt paving, repaving should be completed in late spring or early summer. Low risk of precipitation and higher temperatures make for an ideal paving environment. Paving your driveway or having it refinished can vastly improve the curb appeal of your home (and make snow removal easier come winter).