4 Reasons Why the Way You Use Your Space Matters

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4 Reasons Why the Way You Use Your Space Matters

The way you use your space is really important for several reasons. It’s not always enough to simply line the blank walls with furniture and keep the doorways and halls clear of obstructions.

Here are the reasons why using your space wisely really matters, and things to keep in mind as you decorate, remodel or build new…

1. Traffic: The ebb and flow of people and pets through each room is the first consideration with the use of your space. When it’s difficult to access a space, it doesn’t get used or it is used only out of necessity. Why waste space that you could employ for better storage, organization, or even design? When your space is used correctly, and when furniture is placed in such a way to improve traffic flow through your home, you will enjoy all the potential your space has to offer.

Burke2. Functionality: Once you’re able to safely and effectively navigate through your home, you want to be able to use your space as it’s meant to be used! The layout of the room and its furniture should be conducive to however you intend to use it – the kitchen for cooking, dining, and entertaining, the living room for conversation, watching TV, or relaxing, and so on. So if your dining room is not working for comfortably eating a meal around the table, it might be time for a re-design or reorganization of the space.

3. Aesthetic: Another major reason why the way you use your space is important is for ambiance and aesthetic. It’s important that you like your home! Even if the traffic through your space is fluid and the space is working for your needs, sometimes a re-design is needed so that you can feel happier in your home. And that’s just fine!

4. Cost Effective: If you may be remodeling or building, using your space efficiently can save you thousands of dollars. Multiple use of the same areas can be pleasing while taking care of traffic flow, functionality and aesthetics.

If your home’s spaces are making it difficult to use your space to its full potential, contact HomeStyling Design! We will likely come up with several ideas for how to tweak or remodel your room or rooms to suit your family’s lifestyle.