4 Bathroom Trends to Consider When Discussing Your Remodel

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4 Bathroom Trends to Consider When Discussing Your Remodel

Out with the old and in with the new! Though the new year is still a few weeks away, people around the world have already begun to speculate, dream, and plan for what 2017 has in store.  For many homeowners, this could mean a whole-home or single room facelift.

Are you dreaming of a remodel this new year? Why not start with treating yourself to an updated bathroom sanctuary that is on par with an at-home spa experience? As you begin to envision your goals and mull over your resolutions, here’s a look at some of the bathroom trends that are expected to make it big in 2017.

1. Natural elements

Everything from timeless wood to super on-trend stone elements can be introduced in your bathroom for a hint of au-naturel style. Light-toned marble with bold veining is enjoying a particularly prominent reign in the home and bathroom design spotlight — and for good reason. White or creamy marble can add a sense of glamor and elegance to any bathroom space, and especially when paired with popular darker tones, it offers a bright dose of freshness. Wood of all hues can be incorporated via flooring, wood tiling, countertops and furniture, or wood paneling on the walls. Pair it with marble for an especially hot combo. Finally, once your design vision is complete and you’ve wrapped up the remodel process, arrange bathroom-suited air plants or hanging and potted plants for a final punch of greenery to further complement the natural ambience.

2. An urban touch

Metallics are all the rage, whether you’re seeking some balance to your bathroom’s natural motifs or fully committing to a modern, industrial urban approach. For those intimidated by bold industrial pieces, brass accents can be an ideal starting point, as they inject both subtle urban flair and warmth. Brushed metallics such as nickel and stainless steel are one of the more timeless trends topping the urban-influenced wish list. For the brazen remodeler, now is the time to upgrade to popular matte black components — faucet and shower fixtures and countertop options in this color scheme are beginning to take over the bathroom design market.

3. Dark and neutral tones

From hues of black, grey, and nude to matte elements, neutral and bold are simultaneously the name of the game. Don’t be afraid to embrace your dark side and go for a smoky color palette. Minimalists need not be ashamed if all-over beige and cream tones are preferred. Alternatively, try incorporating just two or three dark and bold statement fixtures to stake your claim in this trend while playing it relatively safe.

4. Ultra-modern heating

Believe it or not, it is possible to stay comfortable while remaining stylish. In terms of functionality trends, many cutting-edge bathroom heating systems are merging practicality with aesthetics. While heated flooring is always a versatile option, look to ultra-mod radiator designs for warmth that doubles as decor.

Whenever you’re ready to renovate or remodel, contact us to discuss your design vision and take the next step toward breaking ground on your project!