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HomeStyling Design:

Custom Home Designers & Planners

Designing You Into Your Home

With 35+ years of experience, HomeStyling Design knows remodeling and new home construction. We work with you to design your dream home, with a focus on reflecting you in the design. And unlike most firms, we use flat fee pricing, so you have total control of your design with no hourly charges to worry about!

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Substantial Cost Savings

With flat fee design rates, unlimited design revisions, industry partnerships, and a focus on your budget, we can provide our clients with huge cost savings compared to typical construction design firms.

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Experienced & Supportive Team

With our 35+ years of industry experience and focus on supporting the client's vision, you can feel secure that we'll help you make informed decisions and achieve your desired project results.

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Control in Your Hands

Our job is to help you create your dream home. Our work is based off of your vision and budget. You get unlimited design revisions and have final say on all decisions, so you are always in control.

Our Projects

Let’s get started building you into your new space.